8 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still the Best

Email Marketing Definition

In today’s business world, one cannot actually go far without embracing digital marketing. There is so much hype about digital marketing. This is email marketing definition at its best. Day by day new techniques are emerging on how to carry out effective digital marketing strategies. However, one may easily think email marketing has already fallen out of fashion. Amazingly, this is not true. It is one of the best techniques to reach your target audience.

Email Marketing Definition

Simply put, it is sending messages through electronic mails to your audience. It is easy to consider email marketing as not relevant or not popularly used or that it is not fetching the desired results again. But this stand is completely wrong. Email marketing is used everywhere. It is fast changing the way we do business. There are factors that make it awesomely unique despite the fact that it has been out for long. We will show you why in the course of this article.

Now, let us take a dive into why people are still falling in love with it:

1. Low cost

One of the reasons why email marketing is still making waves in the world of digital marketing is the cost. Emailing is still one of the cheap means to get to your audience. It only means you have simple and few steps to operate it.

Occasionally, some people purchase bulk email addresses. This is not the way. It may resorts to unsolicited mails and thus be classified as spam. Nevertheless, when you build your email list from the scratch, this is awesome. The list will represent your target audience who are interested in the business you do. Therefore, send email to only those who have subscribed and interest in your business.

The practice today is to employ the use of an automating software to generate and send emails to your subscribers. This is cheaper than other means of marketing. There are no charges for printing or advertisement cost or space. Email marketing is still the cheapest means of marketing today.

2. Targets only your Customers

Other forms of marketing involve people who have never interacted with your company. Some target people based on their interests and habits. This is often the case with Facebook and Google. However, email marketing grossly differs in this. It targets people that have interacted with your business one way or the other. Often they deliberately subscribed to your mailing list to have access to first hand information and latest updates from your company.

Most company build up their mailing lists when user subscribe to their newsletters or register on the websites. When customer voluntary drop their email addresses you can be sure they are pretty interested in the business you do. It is effective when you market this group of people.

3. Target your audience

Email marketing allows you to concentrate on a segment of your audience. When you build email list through subscription or registration, other personal details of the customers are captured. This information includes age, location, address, gender name etc. These details make it possible classify customer some demographic grouping. Target emails are then easy to send to any of the grouping for special information or advertisement. Users will discover that only email are sent to them. This will further gain their trust and loyalty for the brand.

4. Ask them to respond to a Call To Action

One way marketing has many specific defects. It lacks interaction. You cannot receive feedback from your customers. Even when you have done everything right about your email campaigns, users can still opt to ignore them. You cannot force users to pay attention to your offer. However, there is something somewhat rewarding.

Email marketing enables you to put in some effort to encourage users to take certain positive steps. This is where a Call To Action is quite effective. You can request users to pay your website a visit to full information of what you have install for them.

Call To Action will save you from giving to much details in the mail. Therefore, it is the most appealing information you need to include in the email.

5. It Saves you Energy

Email marketing is cost effective though, it is one of the simplest marketing techniques now in town. It does not need any complex software, a separate unit or huge team to operate. The main requirements are a few professionals who are good at what they do and the hardware to use.

Since it is simple to use, you can concentrate more on the contents. It is the content that determines the effectiveness of an email. Lack of complexity makes you to do much more on the contents of the mail.

6. Check the Statistics

One exciting feature of email marketing method is that you can easily see the metrics. Most traditional methods – like television, radio and newspaper – are pretty lacking in this. Though, email marketing has been existing for long, you can access all the statistics you need to evaluate the performance and also set your strategies to press on. You will have insight into what works and what does not.

7. Instant Results is the best for Email Marketing Definition

Everyone checks the emails on a daily basis. This makes you to perceive immediate results of your campaign. Once the email is sent, users will receive it or be notified. Most will check this within 24 hours of receipt and make a response.

At most, you will see the result the next day, whether the recipients receive or reject your offer. This is pretty awesome. Other marketing techniques takes longer time to perceive what is going on with your adverts.

8. No Limits

With the correct email marketing definition, email marketing knows no bounds. There is no limit to its geographic spread or any demographic grouping. You can blast your email to people from different countries, genders or age groups or profession.

The larger the range of your customers, the bigger your potential customer and the higher your chances to succeed.


This is a very productive way to achieve better results with digital marketing. Email marketing is alive. It is not dead and it’s working for business all around the world. Though I cannot but mention that there are other methods that are better than email marketing in one or two ways. But it is a method to give a trial.

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